Vacation in France, Bourgogne

This was the start of the vacation. Getting stuff together and making a planning of the trip. On the road sometimes you don’t know what road to take, so you have to take the map and make up your mind.
Bourgogne is a place where they make wine. So you have to look at the fields where they grow the grapes. Its nice to see that they grow on small, very small trees. And as far as you can see, only fields with growing grapes. Nothing on it yet, but they while carry a heavy load in August.
Making trips on a bike you will be astonished by the view of the country. Also what you will encounter beside the roads. Trees all around and suddenly out of the blue this statue. Its the Madonna, don’t know why its standing there, but it looks old and nice. The stairway is renovated and gorgious.
A closer look at the statue. It’s very nice and looking over the sided hills.


A french castle looking over the lower countryside. Nice and white, and a free sight on the front. This castle stands in the hills where we had our camping spot.


Brandon, a nice little town.


Here we parked the bikes. After a trip of more than 1000km they needed a place to rest.


The intention for this trip was vacation and a little working in the garden. Cutting the grass and making a good time.


Nice fields and buildings. A shed against the rain and sun.


Me, checking my cellphone. Inside the old farm, which is more then 150 years old and still looks nice but needs some maintenance.


A look up the hill to the old farm, grass still needs to be cut.


On one of the trips. A great country for bikers and for people who like to enjoy life.


Nice buildings, like this church. In small towns where you only can get to over small roads through hills.


This is such a small road.


This is it for now.
I am back to the working routine again. Still have 2 weeks to go and then I have another 3 weeks of vacation. Will have to spend some time in my own cottage/home for maintenance and painting. Maybe a long weekend Luxembourg. Have found a nice hotel there and you can go on hiking trips there also. Good food and wine also there.
Bye for now.

Biking in the neighbourhood

Its looks like the sunday would be a wonderful day. Sun and warm. So a biketour would be great.
First had breakfast in the garden, overlooking the horizon, meadows, sheep, ducks, swans etc.
Then took the bike and drove a nice route. First on very countryside roads to Den Helder, were coffee and applepie with whipped cream was the target, and then drove back through fields of tulps in magnificent colors.

Repair the saddle-lock

After my coffee I took the bike to the dealer to repair the saddle-lock. I was there just in time for his round of morning-coffee . He was also working on a bike that looks the same as mine, red and brown, and is also an anniversary model (I have 11/50 and the other is 21/50). The owner and I we talked a little while my bike was fixed. Meanwhile I talked about new mirrors and he had some. Looked at them and the dealer (his name is Kees) placed them. They really look much better on the bike. Paid my bill and went home. Because of the new mirrors I decided to clean the bike with soap and water. And now he is looking great all over again. Made a short trip afterwards and drank some coffee (yes again) in Medemblik at The Kwikkel (thats near the bridge). That was very nice, sun and warm coffee, because the sun was ok but the wind was a little chilly. Now I am home writing this. have a nice day further and till tomorrow!! Bye bye

Saturday saturday saturday

This saturday I got out of bed early, did grocery shopping and took my motorbike to the dealer for a new reartyre and some maintenance (was already 10,000km ). Then went home, did some work on my computer and started downloading mp3 files. The most of them were from Linkin Park and Hoobastank. Very good music to make ‘moves’ on LOL. At the moment (4.35pm) I am waiting for a call from the dealer to pick up the bike. After that a visit at zappiesgurl father is in the pipeline.