Opening of the season

Eastern weekend, what better to do then go for a long weekend to the so-called “Start of the season” by the MGCN. This weekend took place in Wezep, Overijssel.
We left on Saturday, around 1.30pm (temp about 5oC). Arrived at 3.30pm. After placing the tent on the campground, we started with hot chocolate and coffee in the restaurant. Jan, who organized the Land Mark Rally, started with a powerpoint presentation. In this presentation all the land marks passed the screen. The presentation contained a few pictures made by us. Around 6pm Jan followed the list, that was in the presentation, and give every person his reward. Some got a standard reward, a simple trophy; others who had more points received a bigger one. We both got a simple one, but we were very happy with it.

The trophy

The trophy will get a nice place in our home. After the ceremony we had a bite to eat and some beer. A band started playing, but because of the small restaurant the music sounded very loud. After a few songs we went to our tent to sleep. Some told us that it would be very cold this night.
The next morning there was ice on our bikes and at some spots on the tent. We already had noticed that night that is was cold outside. Happily we had 4 sleeping bags and we could sleep most of the time.

Cali 3 with ice on saddle and windshield

Again the V65C

Again the Cali 3

Overview camp-ground

Another overview

The last overview

V65C also with ice

Cold cold cold

After pouring some water in our face and brushing our teeth we went for coffee and breakfast. It was not yet ready to be served, but we could get coffee and that was ok. After a couple of minutes breakfast was ready. We took some eggs, because it is Eastern, and some sandwiches. After breakfast we broke up, packed all our stuff, waved goodbye and got an our way home. After 1.5 hour we arrived home. The minute we had taken all the stuff indoors it started snowing, so we arrived home just in time.

Snow, home just in time

We had a nice time in Wezep and probably will attend next year again.